#SheCanCoach - "Change Room"

The #SheCanCoach campaign is a celebrator of Women in Coaching achievements, an advocate for Women in Coaching initiatives, programs, and structural changes, a connector of interested coaches-to-be with where to start, and a public voice exclaiming #SheCanCoach!

Changing the Game – Changing the Conversation is a program to recruit new female coaches and change public perceptions about who can coach.

A dedicated public campaign, #SheCanCoach, launched February 1st, 2018 and features produced video content, website, and social engagement. 

The #SheCanCoach campaign features video shorts, a dedicated website, and a social media engagement to encourage more action to be taken at every level of sport to support women in coaching.

The campaign will highlight:

  • The lack of women in coaching and sport leadership (only 30% of coaches in Canada are women)
  • The need for more women in coaching
  • The benefits of balanced sport leadership (Males and Females on the bench)
  • That women can and do make great coaches!

We Believe #SheCanCoach!


The She Can Coach Grant


The She Can Coach Grant has been established to help female coaches in the NWT build their coaching pathway. This grant will provide funding for female coaches to enhance their coaching education/training.
A maximum of $500.00 will be awarded to female NWT Coaches who meet the following criteria:

• Applicants must identify as female and be a member in good standing of their Territorial Sport Organization (TSO).
• Applicants must live in the NWT.
• Applicants must have been coaching in the NWT for a minimum of 1 year.
• Applicants must be endorsed by the TSO.
• Applicants must have completed the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions course and online evaluation.
• Coaches can only receive funding once per calendar year. (Calendar year is January 1 – December 31).

Eligible Events:

• NCCP course or workshop
• Non-NCCP professional development opportunity approved by Sport North
• Sport specific evaluations

Eligible Expenses:

• Ground/Air Transportation
• Accommodations
• Registration Fees
• Childcare – cost associated with childcare, so that the individual can participate in the event; may be day care, day home or on-site support


• Eligibility does not guarantee grant approval.
• Refunds will only be provided with acceptable receipts.
• Applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event date. Refunds will only be provided if the application is approved and if the appropriate receipts are submitted after the completion of the event. Refunds can be less than $500.00 but will not exceed $500.00.
• Successful Applicants must provide a brief report and receipts within 30 days after the event.
Application can be found here: https://forms.monday.com/forms/250c40067afd5b8809330669b3650abd
For further information please contact Spider Jones at : 867.688.0121 or at spider@sportnorth.com